Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trippin!

So we went on a week long road trip. Stops included Winona, MN, Lake Arbutus, WI, Baraboo, WI, and St. Louis, MO. The total nuber of hours in the car round trip was about 48. Yeah, 2 days of driving! The girls actually did really good. We borrowed a DVD player so that kept Roxy pretty busy. and Lyla is just the best baby in the world. We hardley heard any crying from her the whole trip. We had a lot of fun and here are some pictures to show what we did.
Here's Roxy being such a good girl in the car.

We went to Lake Arbutus for Matt's Family Campout. Here's a shot of the whole gang.Having fun seting up campLyla's first time swimming! Cute Girl! Ring around the Rosie with Grandma Leo
Don't know if you can tell, but that's us playing a game of baseball in the nice shallow water. So fun!YumLove this pic!Roxy hangin out with her cousin Ava Hangin with Grandma Leo in BarabooHangin with Grandpa Leo in Winona It was a great trip, we had a lot of fun spending time with family!

Pictures from St. Louis and the Cardinals game will be coming shortly...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo of the Day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lake Powell!!!

I seriously have the best husband ever! Over Memorial Day weekend, Matt stayed home with the girls so I could go to Lake Powell and have a blast! The weather was great and we had a fabulous time! Thanks Babe!! I owe ya one!

Me and my friends Jami & Sarah Brickmann and April
John and Faye
Tubing! So fun!

That's me Cliff Jumping!!!!! Brick jumping
Sarah jumping Sisters...
Me Wakeboarding!
John April
The weekend was Awesome! Lake Powell is the Best!