Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in Wisconsin!

We've spent the last week and a half in Matt's hometown of Baraboo, Wisconsin. It was great spending Christmas there and spending time with all of his family. Here are a ton of pictures from our trip. And when I say a ton, I mean a ton. I probably could have put a lot less, but who doesn't love pictures and videos? Alright, here goes. . .

Roxy finally got to spend some time playing with her cousin Ava.
Cute Ava!
Playing in the Snow!!! They had so much snow there! I loved it!!

Every year the Leonhardts pick a theme for Christmas. This year was a Tropical Christmas. We had Hawiian haystacks for dinner and all the girls made grass skirts out of fabric.
Roxy loved her grass skirt and playing with all the hawaiian leis.
Roxy and Grandma Leo
Roxy and Aunt Analiesa
Roxy dug right in to all her gifts. She loves opening presents!

Roxy opening Ava's gift to her.
Ava opening Roxy's gift ot her.
The whole family watching a movie on Christmas day.
Roxy is very protective of her daddy!

So for Christmas I got this game called QUELF. And it is so random and fun. Hillarious actually. It makes you do things like
this. . .
And this. . .
And this. . .
And this. . .
And this. . .
And this. . .
And this. . .

And this. . .

So Funny! You might have had to be there.

Sledding at Devil's Lake
Is an awesome picture taken by Ani.
Snow Angels
Hanging out with the fam.
Roxy and Uncle Jordan
Playing piano with Ani
Roxy and Grandpa Leo
Roxy and Uncle Peter

We spent the day after Christmas at Great Grandma and Grandpa Laube's house. It was a lot of fun!
Ice Soccer
They have a river out past their back yard that was frozen. The snow had been cleared off in this little area so we decided to have a fun game of ice soccer it was awesome.

Next we had a fun game of snow football.

The day before we came home we went swimming to add on to our tropical Christmas theme. It was a great way to end the vacation.
Roxy loved the water!
Aaron's attempted back flip
So Cute
Roxy was a little dare devil and wanted to go down all the slides by herself. We started with this little one. She kept going on it over and over again.

Then she showed us all up by going on the big slide. I can't believe how much she loved it.

We also got some family pictures taken with the whole family while we were there. They turned out pretty good. Here are a few.

This trip definitely pooped us all out!!!
See, I told you it was a ton!!