Friday, October 31, 2008


Last weekend we went to cousin Mitchell's 5th Birthday Party at BounceU in Sandy. It was so much fun! I think Matt and I had way more fun than Roxy, but I think she had a good time too.

Here's Roxy in the big bouncer room. Going Down the Big Slide
And Through the Obstacle Course
The pucnhing bags were a blast. But I don't know how little kids lug those things around. They were heavy suckers.
Yes, we posed for this picture, cause the rest of the time, Matt was kicking my butt!
Here's matt jumping over this huge blow up thing.
Me trying to jump over it. Ha!The Mitchell Man shooting hoopsAunt Dana with Roxy and Ava
Roxy with Grandma and Aunt April

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last night our ward had it's annual Trunk-or-Treat. It was so fun. And yes, we went all out as usual. Don't you just love Halloween?!

Matt and I went as a Hippie and a Mime. Get it?
"Peace & Quiet"
Roxy went as a cute little Devil

Her little tail was my favorite.
She kept her Devil ears on all night! What a Surprise!
We decorated our car like a shark!
Like I said, we went all out.

"What? I'm a Devil??"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We had Halloween Bunko last night and it was so so fun! It's definitely my favorite bunko night of the year.

What a good lookin' group of girls!
The costumes get bigger and better every year!
Me and my sister
"Peace" & "Quiet"
The Nelson Sisters
The Nelson Cousins
And then there's this sisters/sister-in-law combination. I'm not sure how it all goes together, but I know you're all related.
The Bumble Bee
And The Hulkster
Watch out!
Such a fun night! But you better watch out Hulk Hogan, cause I am bound and determined to win best costume next year!! I don't know with what yet, but it's gonna happen.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love the fall! I love all the fall colors and love when the weather starts to cool down after the fun hot summer. This weekend we went for a hike in Sardine Canyon. It was a lot of fun even though half of the leaves had already fallen. It was still beautiful and it was great to be outdoors for probably one of the last times before winter hits.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Turn up the volume for these. They're Awesome!

Here is Roxy's fake laugh . . .

And here is her real laugh . . .

Both are so cute! Just one little belly laugh from her is sure to brighten anyone's day! Oh, I just Love it!!