Saturday, April 30, 2011


This years Easter festivities started off at an Easter egg hunt in Clearfield. It was pretty nice, the kids not only got candy, but got toys too. The actual egg hunt was not that great of experience for Roxy. She was so excited before and then got a little scared when all the kids were running around and she only got 3 eggs. which I think isn't that bad considering how many kids there were there. But once she got her toys, she was all smiles again. Hopefully next year will go better for her. Lyla was totally content with the 2 eggs she got.

We then, of course, had to play at the playground for a while since the hunt lasts about a minute. Our girls are so cute! And Ozzie slept through the whole thing in the baby bjorn.

The girls had a blast coloring and dying easter eggs! Well, Roxy did. Lyla just had fun banging the eggs on the counter and cracking them. She only got to handle a few. The Easter Bunny came and hid all the baskets. Roxy found hers before we even got out of bed!

Lyla found hers with a little help from mom and Dad


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Somebody's tired!!

Went down stairs one day to find Roxy had fallen asleep in this position! Haha! Don't ask me how, but she was out cold!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ozzie's Blessing

We had Ozzie's baby blessing on Sunday and it went perfectly. Ozzie looked so good in his white vest and tie and we had a great time with family. We love our little guy and are so happy to be sealed to him for Eternity!

Happy Family
Proud Daddy!Proud Grandma and Grandpa
Rosemary Wall made Ozie's vest and pants and even embroidered his name on the vest. She does such a good job!
What a stud!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dancin Fool!!

Here is Lyla dancing at my sisters wedding, sorry it's sideways, but still worth the view. Make sure to watch til the very end. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April's Wedding

My sister April got married on March 18! It was a beautiful wedding!

April & Brickmann and their now 5 kids! Lyla and Roxy in their cute flower girl dresses :) Roxy throwing petals
The Beautiful Bride
Not a great pic, but their they are getting married!
Wedding Party
The Girls
Me and my Sis!
This is the best family picture we could get

Twinners!!! Like father like son! So Cute!! Our little GQ Ozzie, not even 2 weeks oldMe and the girls
Granma Meg was here for the wedding! Love her!
Ava and Roxy chowin on cupcakes!
It was a super fun night of Dancing and Karaoke!! Roxy and Lyla danced the night away!! Cousins!! :)
Awe....we're cute!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visit from Wisconsin

Matt's mom, or should I say Grandma Sharon, came to visit from Wisconsin along with 2 of her sisters, Mary and Barb. We had a great week and they were so nice to cook all the meals and do all the dishes and entertain the kids! Just what a new mom needs!! We had a lot of good times while they were here! Here are lots and lots of pictures

Grandma Sharon Meeting Ozzie!! Mary Barb
Uncle Ben and Aunt Ani came up to visit too!

Roxy Loves her baby brother

Grandma Loving her Grandkids! We went and visited Promontory Point and got to go see the trains

The spot where the 2 trains met and united the Railroad.

The Golden Spike.
Grandma and Roxy listening for a train. :-)
Then we went to visit a Ghost town in Kelton. We heard there were cool old buildings there....this is all we found.
Visiting the Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake. We'd never heard of it was really cool!

What would time with Grandma be without some

'Ring around the Rosie'
Great times!! Can't wait till the next visit!