Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cute Kiddos

Here are some fun pictures and videos of our girls...

Roxy the dancer...


Lyla is standing on her own now...

Love their laughter...

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Weekend!!!

Our 4th of July weekend was jam packed and a lot of fun!

Here we are at the Clearfield Parade, not awesome, but not bad. Roxy didn't even care about the floats, it's all about the candy.
Barbeque at Grandma's house!

All the kiddos watching fireworks
and eating hot dogs

Glow sticks!
Having fun at the Bee's game!
Cute pic
The fam watchin the fireworks after the game.

Driving up Farmington Canyon, super fun.
Good times!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cardinals Game!!!!!!!!!!!!

On our drive home from Wisconsin we took a little jog down to St. Louis to see a cardinals game at Busch Stadium. It was so cool and so fun and an awesome game to watch and be in the stands for. They wer down by 2 inthe bottom of the ninth and came back to win 6-5!! So cool! I pretty much got to experience everything I ever wanted: Carpenter pitched, Molina Pujols & Ryan (my faves) combined for 5 hits, the longest wave ever, diving catch, double plays, LaRussa got thrown out, the sunset, the crowd going wild, A walk-off Win, and fireworks! It's definitely a night I'll never forget and it was definitely worth the drive. Loved it!
Beautiful field, beautiful view!
Dad and the girls
Mom and the girlsRoxy had a good time and was pretty good for the whole game.Cute Lyla! Gorgeous sunset sky!!
LaRussa getting thrown out
We Won!!
Final score 6-5 Cardinals
Sportin all our Cardinal's tees
Here's video of the last play, you can't really see very good cause it's so little, but it was awesome!!