Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Butt Head

Roxy had her 9 month doctor visit yesterday and just so you all know, she is in the best of health. She now weighs 20 lb. 3 oz. (75%), is 27.5 inches long (45%), and her head is 18 inches around (90%). So basically she is short and fat and has a big head. Nice. I'm sure it will all even out.
So the other day Roxy was climbing into the bottom saucer of her bouncer and couldn't get out, so she decided to go up. At first she was scared, but then realized she could still see out and loved it. I thought it was so cute and funny, so here are some pics.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!

Matt turns 29 today!
He is an amazing guy and I'm so lucky to be his wife.
Happy Birthday Babe!
I love you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Foxy Roxy

Just a few quick tidbits on Roxy. She can now climb all the way up the stairs, but has no clue how to get down. She likes to dance (nod her head over and over) when there's music playing or when she's just having fun. She loves taking walks in the stroller. She hates getting her hair done, unless she's eating at the time. She puts everything in her mouth, but now knows how to swallow, so we have to be careful what we let her chew on. She says dad and dada all the time, but I don't think she quite knows what it means yet. Still no mama's yet. I'm waiting. She'll be 9 months old this friday! And we love her to death!

Friday, May 2, 2008


My life is pretty boring right now so I figured I post a little about my thoughts on all the Reality Shows I'm watching at the moment. So if you haven't watched the latest episodes, please don't read on.

Survivor: This is my favorite of the bunch even though Alexis, one of my favorites, got voted out last night. I thought what they did to Ozzy and Jason was awesome. It totally sucks that James had to leave because of one little finger. I guess it was worse than I thought since he walked in with an IV. Of the ones left, this is the order that I like them in: Erik, Parvati, Cirie, Amanda, Nat. I think Parvati has a good chance of winning the million, but would really rather see Erik win.

American Idol: It's all about the Davids. They are my favorite. I really want David Cook to win it all. And for those of you who know my brother John, they are so alike, looks and everything. If you know him, you'd understand. But despite that, David Cook is definitely the best talent. Amazing actually. I liked Jason at the beginning, but now he's totally buggin me. Syesha is good, but can't top the Davids in my opinion. And can I tell you I was super happy with the unexpected departure of Carly.

The Bachelor: I know some will make fun that I even watch this show, but I don't mind because I love it. It's down to the Final 2 and I like Chelsea the best. I really want him to pick her, because I don't like Shane one bit. She is way too girly and whinny for me. Hello, she brought a whole suitcase full of shoes! And was putting on make-up while skiing. Who does that? Chelsea is my pick, and even though she has a tough time with PDA, he must really like her or he wouldn't have kept her around.

Dancing with the Stars: This isn't one of my favorite shows, and is actually kind of boring this year. I really like Julianne and she got booted like the second week with her lame-o comedian partner. I also liked Derek and Shannon Elizabeth, but they decided to yell at the judges and got kicked off this week. And we all already know that Kristy Yamaguchi is gonna win. She is like, one of America's sweathearts, Of course she's gonna win. There's almost no point in watching anymore.

Hell's Kitchen: After watching the first half of this season, I've decided there is just way to much swearing and yelling going on in this show and it isn't really worth my time. So next season I'm gonna have to pass on this show. But nevertheless, I am already invested in this season and have to know the outcome. I really like Christina, hate Corey, and don't really care much for the other girls. The only guy I like is Ben, but Ramsay has it in for him, so he might go soon. Louross is ok, but the rest of the guys struggle. I just want Christina to win.

America's Next Top Model: I've only seen a couple of these episodes, but from the ones I've seen, Whitney, the plus size model is my favorite. I don't really know much about any of them though.

And that's about it. I can't wait for "So you think you can Dance" to start. It's another Reality favorite of mine. The only shows i ever watch that aren't reality are Samantha Who? and The Office. And during the day I tune in for According to Jim or Reba every once in a while. I've ultimately decided that I watch way too much TV. And if I had ESPN, I would have time for nothing else.